We are an independent design studio dedicated to crafting luxury essentials. 

REFERENC is our expression of love for the process of creating and making.

We are for the creators: Those who challenge the ideas that shaped us and aim to revolutionize the notions of design, conventions, and formalities. We reshape the classics to create new ones. And we speak to everyone brave enough to try things differently.

Our community consists of changemakers—ambitious individuals who envision beyond the norms of the past, the constraints of the present, and the potential limits of the future. At REFERENC, we embrace those who boldly pioneer to establish themselves as the new reference in their own right.

Ferenc, Patrick & Hugo

REFERENC shoes are manufactured in Tuscany, Italy. A region that is globally renowned for fine leather goods and luxury craftsmanship. These factories are chosen carefully for their artisanal expertise, passed down through the generations. REFERENC collaborates very closely with the family-owned factories to develop each signature style and ensure the highest quality production. 

High-quality details and fine craftsmanship make the whole process of design, production and trade unique. 

From the last to sole, every material in the realisation of the REFERENC shoes is carefully sourced and crafted in Italy. The premium leather and materials are chosen with extreme attention for source, longevity and sustainability.